Restaurant groups with multiple locations have special needs that owners with one or two locations do not.  Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your restaurant with more than 3 locations starts with your site structure and location finder setup.

Google My Business “GMB” ( is a extremely important to your business. Multi-location restaurants have special configuration needs in GMB that most companies get wrong.

We are one of the few SEO business in the country with access to a private GMB API. Our multi-location SEO services are very successful and even more so when we mix in a local digital marketing and social media strategies into the mix.

What Makes Us Different

Experience, results and references that read like the write up for a three Michelin stars restaurant is what sets us apart.. When you are serious about using your digital footprint to drive traffic to your restaurant locations we are here to help.

Guaranteed To Improve Your Revenue

If you are a Multi Location business trying to drive traffic to the doorstep of each location from a single website then you need to call us now. We have 7 years of experience helping multi location businesses improve sales and customer acquisition. We have helped franchises, regional chains and national brands. Our methods and processes for each location is tailored to the market conditions, competition, opportunities  and challenges of the location.

We are located DFW / Frisco, TX but we have clients across the country including D.C., Chicago, and Austin, TX.


If you are ready to get started you can call us at 972-737-2830

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"A local business is a business that sells primarily into the local community where they are located. A multi-location business is a single brand that sells into multiple communities across a wide geographic territory."


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing drives customers to each of your locations. This results in higher per store sales.  SEO  is the cornerstone to leveraging your website to improving the state of your business. Our Frisco office handles SEO for all DFW based clients.

Seota Will:

   Build your Internet Marketing Plan
   Define your customer and how to reach them
   Drive targeted traffic
   Optimize your conversions
   Update and maintain relevant review sites
   Manage social media accounts
   Sync your local directory listings

   Encourage customers to engage and share your content
   Increase positive online reviews
   Collect and share testimonials
   Be your online advocate
   Increase your revenue
   Develop a New Website if needed

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Local Small Business Marketing
Google is going to great lengths to personalize search results for users based on their location in an effort to deliver the most relevant search results to the user. This presents a big opportunity to small businesses that are willing to take advantage of it. Internet search has changed dramatically with the rise of the smartphone you need to be in a position to take leverage it.


Your locations are competing for market share against locally managed businesses that are typically more agile and more focused on location specific marketing.



Your customers now search for products and services they need while they are having lunch, waiting for a meeting, in the lobby at a doctor’s office, etc. The situations and locations are endless. Local businesses depend on local customers for business success. Local mobile search strategy is crucial to attract these customers to your restaurant.


SEOTA has been helping businesses increase revenue with unique local business marketing and driving internet traffic since 2009; the founders have been implementing digital strategies since 2002. SEOTA currently helps small businesses that range from Roofers to Pool Supplies, from Sign Shops to Surgeons and all of these businesses have one thing in common – SUCCESS. If you want more success for your local small business then take a moment and request our free small business website audit. This audit will give you the information you need to evaluate the current state of your web presence.



    We have Multi Location SEO experts on staff that can help you increase the traffic and revenue for your business.

    The first consultation is free and you have no obligation.
    We do limit free consultations to those potential customers that we think we can help and that can afford our services.