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Since 2009, The search engine optimization team at Seota has been driving traffic to websites and foot traffic and phone calls to real businesses just like yours. We have built internal tools and processes aimed at improving your sales and visibility. From eCommerce to local business websites, we have done it all. Our web SEO team has a deep understanding of what it takes to build a SEO friendly website that converts visitors to buyers. As a result of our experience and expertise we can guide you on the best route complete your project.

Some items of note about our SEO and Digital Marketingteam:

  • 100’s of restaurant locations trust us to drive diners to their business.
  • Millions of website visitors have visited sites we have built for SEO and each day these business benefit from stronger revenue and better customer acquisition rates.
  • Our Local business customers see HUGE traffic increases from our SEO work. Some our clients survived the last economic downturn because of our ability to bring them new clients.
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Search Engine Optimization / Digital Marketing

We promote our services as SEO or Search Engine Optimization but it is so much more. Digital marketing is what we really do. Increasing your digital footprint to draw qualified customers to your website so that you can win their business. Call it what you want as long as you call us first.

Part of of Agency specializes in helping multi location business thrive in their local markets. This is a unique skill set we have developed to help leverage the brand assets built by your marketing team to drive ROI down to the store level.

SEO projects at Seota typically fall into five (5) major categories.

1. eCommerce SEO

Marketing websites for eCommerce is increasingly difficult. Many small eCommerce companies don't have a differentiator that helps them compete online. If you have something unique and you need help, we are your team. Great Ecommerce SEO starts with your product taxonomy. Call us before you build a new website for the best results.

2. Multi-Location Restaurant SEO

We have a knack with restaurants, especially if you do catering or offer private dining. Our process and digital marketing framework will have a dramatic impact on your revenue. We insist that we work on all of your locations and the brand as a whole. We charge per location and most of our customers see an ROI in less than 45 days. So within a couple weeks. If you have 5-200 locations and you need help increasing same store sales give us a call. We can help. 972-737-2830

3. Local SEO for Small Businesses

Local businesses trying to get a leg up need our help more than most. Working with small businesses is extra rewarding for us. We take our enterprise experience and bring a whole new level of expertise to bear on your revenue generation. We change lives, that is why we have customers who have been loyal to use since 2009.

4. Business-to-Business SEO Services

For years we listened to business people who sell to other businesses tell us they didn't need our help. Their customers don't search online for what they sell. It was very frustrating so we did something about it. In 2015 we offered our first B2B sales guarantee. If we don't improve your B2B sales by more than you are paying us in 120 days or less then we will work for free until we do. We have never had to work for free.

5. Restaurant SEO Services

We once had a special team that focused 100% on single location restaurant marketing. That team has been absorbed into our local SEO team which uses the same process and procedures. The single location restaurant is very competitive and we have the best success with establishment who understand business, USP, and what types of customers they like to serve.

We live to see our client succeed.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the rare business specialties that allows you to witness the positive impact you have on your clients lives. We have seen the revenue increases we have brought to bear be the difference between business success and failure. Does your restaurant need help driving traffic?

We can help you. Call Us 972-737-2830