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Custom Website Design

We know restaurants, from fast casual to white table cloth – we have done it all. We have built our own tools to handle food menus, location finders, contact forms, integrations FishBowl, Tripleseat, Favor, OpenTable, and more. When it comes to restaurant websites we have your covered.

We design beautiful, customer converting websites focused on your business objectives. The perfect mix of “that’s an awesome website” and “wow my phones are ringing more”.  As a result, our customers are some of the most successful in their markets and very loyal to Seota.

All of our website designs are responsive, mobile friendly and search engine ready. That means your website is state of the art and ready for marketing on day one.

We like to emphasize that we are a Restaurant SEO company that does great design vs. being a web agency that dabbles in SEO. You can read our blog about Baked in functionality and your website to see why it matters.

Professional website design, tailored to your restaurant and ready to help you grow.


Responsive Website Design

We have build custom solutions to make managing your website easier.

From Managing Food Menus to Gathering Email to Getting More Reviews

A Web Design Firm That Represents Your Brand

We honed our craft and our methodologies to meet the rigor of some of the toughest multi location restaurants on the planet. Consequently, unlike most boutique firms, we have real business processes in place that ensure repeatable quality and execution. Our recipe for success is just that, a recipe that can be followed for repeatable results. This allows us to get things done on time and on budget. We are the real deal and we serve restaurant large and small across the country from our Frisco location.

The benefits of using a REAL Web Design company that knows what is going on under the hood and actually knows how to build websites are many. Some of newer design firms purchase and use pre-made themes to build your website. The downsides of using a bloated premade theme can cost you a lot of revenue. Here are just a few of the issues with pre-built themes.

  • Theme Jockey websites have 1,000 of lines of junk code that your actual site will not use. This makes the site much slower and less search engine friendly.
  • When there is a problem the Theme Jockey firms will work around the issue instead of fixing it. (they don’t know how to fix it)
  • The Theme Jockey probably paid $35 for your website theme that they are customizing.
  • A custom build website will out rank a theme site every time with less work.

Build Your Custom Website to Catch More Mobile Users

Catering by Chamberlain's Desktop and Mobile designs

Your mobile users and your desktop users have different reasons for visiting your site. There are three ways to approaching the mobile responsive version of your website. It can reflect the same design principles as your desktop version, it can be designed to look more like a mobile app when viewed from a phone or it can be a hybrid of the two approaches.

We like the "above the fold" portion of our mobile site designs, the portion visible when it first loads to a mobile browser, to look like a mobile app. Doing this allows your mobile users to quickly navigate to the part of the site they need - for the reason they came to your website. For your restaurant - clients want to see the food menu, make dinner reservations, get directions or call. To that end, all of those items should be easily available on the mobile screen.

When we design your website, each of your specific users groups will have quick access to what they need in order to contact you, find your locations, or convert to a customer.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Design Done Right!

Most of your clients are on mobile phones while they eat and we can show you how to take advantage of this to have your customer promote your business while they enjoy your delicious food.

We Can Help

Because your website is your most important marketing asset, it can be the difference between your business struggling or being profitable. Amateur and DIY website design will make your business look cheap and it will hurt your brand. Websites that are old and out of date make you look like you are out of business. Rather than having an old, tired, ameature website which can damage your business you can have a real digital asset that improves the value of your company.

  • Responsive design makes your site user friendly on all screen sizes (i.e. mobile)
  • FAST websites help you convert more clients
  • Over 50% of your web traffic is mobile – what do they see?
  • Make it easy for customers to click to call you
  • Integrate your site with social media
  • Increase positive online reviews
  • Collect and share testimonials
  • Improve your brand
  • Increase revenue
  • Put Your Website To Work.
Element of a Website Project
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